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Electro-therapy devices for specific treatment of Tinnitus, lymphedemas, lip edema, lymph blockage (lymph drainage), Iontophoresis and pain therapy.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Doctors, Clinics and patients as well as our production site in Germany it is possible to manufacture state of the art devices that are of highest quality. The needs of our clients are always central hereby.

The electro-therapy, already known and used in ancient Egypt, has also, in our society, gained more recognition in the health sector over the past years and offers a real alternative to medicinal treatments of various illnesses. During the electro-therapy the body receives different electrical currents that are experienced pleasantly.

The TENS therapy (transcutane, electrical nerve stimulation) offers a broad spectrum of application for the treatment of pain and is often much more well tolerated than medicinal treatment - especially as no side affects are known of.

The water Iontophoresis is the treatment of choice for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on hands, feet and armpits. Chances are high that the perspiration is reduced to a normal amount without damaging the perspiratory glands. This is achieved by running a current (constant or pulsating) through the affected areas.

For the treatment of Tinnitus it is very important that possible tensions in the shoulder and neck muscular system are alleviated before you can hope for a reduction of tinnitus. Moreover, a minimum of 100 treatments is necessary to find out if this therapy can help you relief tinnitus.

For each form of electro-therapy it is important to note that many therapy units are necessary to achieve results. Depending on the diagnosis, the therapy must be continued over a long period of time.

Legal note

Within the meaning oft he Law on Advertising in the Health Care System: we highlight herewith that we cannot guarantee a healing power with the use of our devices. The stated effects of healing of our devices rest on experiences that were made during the practical application of these. However, these cannot be transferred to individual cases. Furthermore, a healing or alleviation of health problems or of an illness cannot be guaranteed according tot he Law on Advertising in the Health Care System.