Electrotherapy since 1988
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About Us

...  AAM GmbH:

Over many years we developed, produced and distributed all devices in-house.

Our  program includes devices for reducing hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) by means of iontophoresis, lymph drainage and muscle stimulation, relieving lipoedema, treating polyneuropathy in diabetic patients, relieving tinnitus and regenerating muscle weakness.


It all started with the "Dold Electronic GmbH" in Friedrichshafen on "Lake Constance". Numerous electro-therapy devices have been developed and produced with the famous "Black Forest Tinker Spirit". The "Accupuncture device after Charles Waldemar" quickly became the best-selling product. in order to meet the increasing demands on medical devices took place in 1988 a spin - off of the medical division in the "AAM - General Acupuncture and Medical Supplies GmbH".