Electrotherapy since 1988
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About Us

...  AAM GmbH:

We are a small company specialised in electrotherapy in the southwest of Germany.
Our products are available inexpensively through direct sales - without dealer or portal fees.

Our programme includes devices for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) by means of conduction water iontophoresis, for lymph drainage and muscle stimulation, reduction of lipoedema as well as regeneration for muscle weakness.

It all began with "Dold Electronic GmbH" in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. With the famous Black Forest inventive spirit, numerous electrotherapy devices were developed and produced.
In order to meet the increasing demands on medical products, the medical division was spun off in 1988 into "AAM - Allgemeiner Akkupunktur - und Medizinbedarf GmbH". Over the years, the focus changed and the name was reduced to "AAM GmbH".

Environmental friendliness
We pay attention to the environmental compatibility of our products - and have done so for decades.

The plastics we use are unmixed and thus recyclable. "Recyclable" here is not an empty phrase that hides the use of shredded plastic as filling material or incineration ("thermal recycling"). Instead, single-grade plastic can be remelted and used for new high-quality products.

Our sponge bags and masks are made from renewable, biodegradable raw materials: Cellulose and cotton.
Sustainability also means that we do not use fancy but environmentally harmful packaging.
As a matter of principle, we do not use bleached, coated or extra-printed cardboard packaging. The outer packaging is purely for transport protection and consists of untreated cardboard.

We use packing paper as filler and impact protection. Recyclable packing tapes made of uncoated strong paper are also used for sealing.